Aukan Cae'Dere

Eladrin Warlord




AC: 22




Longsword, Chainreach Heavy Shield, Tactician’s Scale Armor +1


Physical Appearance: I have light skin and light hair and eyes.I have many battle scars on my chest, arms, and legs. I have also have a scar that spans my back from my right shoulder to my left kidney, this I got from night my village was wiped out. I’m missing my left hand from the battle against the shard while I attempted to touch it’s power source.

Traits: Mellow and quiet while not in battle. I like to people watch, let others act out their natural tendencies and takes mental notes. Once I deem someone an ally I will be loyal to them, even if I don’t always agree with their methods.

Motivation: I’m a champion for Good. Even though I have a problem with the “greater good”, as I have committed many horrendous things to ensure that good would win. I have an extreme hate for savage tribes and war bands of Orcs, Goblins, and Giants like the one that slaughtered my village.

Background: I was born in a small Eladrin village, deep in the Forest of Forgotten Dreams. Our village would appear in the world everyday at sunset and fade back into the fey wild every morning at sunrise. Living in the beauty of the Fey during the day and braving the darkness of the world at night was normal for my people. My father was the leader of the village militia and had been for over a century. As a boy my father would often tell me of the monsters he and his men would chase off or kill in order to protect the village. When I was a young boy a tribe of Orcs swarmed my village, right at sunset, as it materialized in the world. Though the village was caught off guard, the militia was able to fend off the attack. We lost a lot of people, including my father. In the years to come my father’s mentor trained me in the arts of combat, I progressed very quickly and at the age of only 75 I became the militia leader. The village had experienced an unprecedented time of peace, and at the age of 85 I got married. It wasn’t long before my wife was with child. The day my son Merik was born, was the day everything changed. As the sun set that day and the village materialized into the world, a shadow fell over the village. Waiting for us was a legion of Orcs, Goblins, and a Hill giant. The vile creatures were on us so fast that no one was able to follow the emergency procedure. Reacting to the most immediate threat, I ran to intercept the hill giant before it could come within range of my family. I slid under the giant and sliced at its knee, as I tried to regain my footing the giant spun around. The spiked club came around faster than expected, at that moment I heard a shrilling scream and was barely able to get my shield up in time. The blow from the giant collided with my shield so hard that it sent me flying into the forest, I hit a tree and was knocked unconscious. I awoke to find my village slaughtered. I left, wandered with no destination or home to return to. For the next few years I was a wandering mercenary that would fight for Good. I committed many foul deeds in order to ensure peace. In the midst of battle there is no good, only allies and enemies. I eventually found myself in Waterdune, were I joined the town guard. I have been living here for the past six months and have actually come to like town and its people.

Aukan Cae'Dere

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