House Rules

1. All characters can take Versatile Expertise as a free feat
2. All characters can take one free Class Feat and one free Race Feat
3. At 11th level, each character can take Paragon Defense, or one +2 defense feat free

STATUS EFFECTS; Option open to all PCs, Elites, and Solos.
1. When Dazed; Each action past the first, including action points, costs 5/10/15 health.
2. When Stunned; Can use actions, but costs 10/20/30 health for a Standard, 5/10/15 health for move/minor/free.

This damage can not be reduced.

1. Stunts. At anytime in or out of combat a character can try a “stunt”. This will often be a morphed version of a spell or power the character already knows, and may require the use of a skill check (DM discretion). The end result should be of only slightly greater value than the original power, but if it requires additional checks they will add an attack bonus. This is to promote role playing and imaginative use of powers.

e.g. Sorcerer Whirlwind spell creates a 3×3 tornado that does significant damage. The sorcerer could instead morph the spell into a 4×4-5×5 tornado which does little damage(Minions may be immune to this damage or gain a saving throw), or a 6×6-10×10 tornado that does no damage but moves noxious gasses or blows out candles, moves papers, and obscures tracks in the sand.

Or perhaps the sorcerer wishes to funnel the power of Whirlwind onto a single target – throwing it 20 feet in the air to be held there for a very intimidating interrogation.

2. Action points can be used for “Powered Stunts”. Instead of taking an extra action, an action point may be used to “Power” a normal action in or out of combat. The player must make a convincing argument for how this “morphed” power works, but instead of it being of equal or lesser value than it’s original form, it can be of greater value.

e.g. That same Whirlwind spell could be used for a “Powered Stunt” to summon a great storm on the ocean, a fair distance from the Sorcerer. This storm could be used to delay the enemy fleet and buy the City more time to establish defenses.

House Rules

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