Short stocky, toned body, bald head - bicked, scar down from forehead / eyebrow to lower eye (does not affect vision) Brown eyes.


AC/VS AOO/Deft Strike— 18/26/30 *With Lost in the Crowd— 20/28/32

HP: 39 Fort: 14 Ref: 19 Will: 17

Passive Insight: 11 Passive Perception: 16


Jean “Glass” Reddin

I led a normal life in the city slums. My father who wasn’t much better than the man begging for change on the street corner. Only difference the man begging for change wouldn’t hit me when he was drunk. I had one older brothers and two younger sisters. My eldest brother Garret died last winter. Mixed up in some scuffle between two men one pulled a knife and well Garret had got it in his belly. Bleed like a stuffed pig. City official didn’t come on the scene until morning and by then Jed laid lifeless. For my sisters, Wella 3rd born fell with the trade into prostitution. Guess like mother like daughter. I’d like to think Wella is doing good. But really how good of a life can her pimp give her. Verna the youngest was sold off to some noble. It was dead winter food was scarce and with no money. I dream that she was given a better life. Least better than the one served to me and my other siblings. And my mother not your prime example of a respectable woman. She was never home and my father was always home just drunk and ready for a fight.

When I was younger I ran trade for stealing. Whoever and what ever I could get my hands on. I liked the thrill, the rush, it was addictive. That is until the local guild started getting involved. I’d steal for myself, fence it off then before I could take my earnings give the guild a percent. This went on a few months. By then, I had already managed to get myself in the guild as a member. From then on I have been a loyal member of the guild, always serving to their will. For as many years as I have served in the guild I an among the few older members.

I was married once, I guess living life by a river in the middle of no where wasn’t as appealing enough then the mean streets of the slums. Bree was a wonderful woman, chearful, reliable, everything I would want in my own mother. We only had one son together named Reed, but she did bring Errich and Callie with her from the last marriage. Then came Callie, following Errich. They were good kids. Reed was my only son the youngest. Thou I thought I could never be a good enough dad for my children. Keeping my father as a referrance there was no way. So one day I just left, but that was another life.

I now know my hands wern’t made to tilt the soil, or plant seeds, or pull vegetables out of the ground. They were made in the streets and for an old blade like me. They should die in the streets. I went back to the guild though I was stripped of my rank and any power I had

Recently in the guild, new fresh leadership took over. The bosses son Frankie took over the business. Radical changes were put into place since then. Im still apart of the guild, just not the same anymore. I still try to attened all the meettings when Im in town.


Scattered Shards of the Veil Glass