Scattered Shards of the Veil

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

Day 1. The group is arrested after a bar fight where Bumgrog killed one of the brawlers. They are “persuaded” to chase mercenaries. They depart with Captain Faranon.

Day 2.* The sailing is easy, they continue towards the Sinking Wastes.

Day 3. In the middle of the night the boat is attacked by a small horde of Zombies and a large Tentacle Monster.

Day 4. The party must help sail the vessel the rest of the way to the Sinking Wastes

Day 5. They arrive early morning. They help Captain Faranon erect defenses, and he agrees to wait ten days before trying to sail back to Waterdune.


The party treks after the mercenaries. They encounter some local swamp critters.

Day 6. They are awoken by more of the local wild life. After the fight they meet an odd old women calling herself “Nanny”. They later encounter the Mir’Nutar hunting party led by Targ. They join forces to combat a large Swamp Troll. They spy the mercenaries, but decide to wait until morning to recupe their resources and attack.


Day 7. The group assaults the Mercenary encampment. They continue in to the cave and confront some cave spiders. Later they meet a small group of Bullywugs.


They continue forward and find the last of the mercenaries, and easily defeat them. They continue through the cave and find a cave full of Goblins. They scare the goblins into taking the party to the Goblin leader. The Goblins do, but through an insult by Bumgrog a fight ensues and the party must fight a small army of Goblins, including one oddly inteligent Bullywug who escapes. They continue through the cave and encounter a small group of very large Black Smith Goblins and their very quick helpers. Then they discover a hidden door that leads to that bullywugs chamber. There the bullywug runs away after releasing his pet baby black dragon. The party almost kills the dragon, but when it gives up fighting Ash befriends it and it agrees to help them fight.

Day 8. They continue through the cave and travel through magical tunnels full of glowing magic and crystal until they come to a large chamber with a huge elemental with a large glowing shard in it’s chest. The shard telepatically told the group of it’s plan to recreate the veil between the Prime Plane and Magic.


The party battles the shard and it’s earthen host, and defeat it, but not before Auken…. heroically….loses his hand. The disruption of the shards magic upsets the volcano and the party begins their get away. After exiting the tunnel and running through the swamp the party is confronted by a group calling themselves the Coven of Elonis. Vih has a few stern words for them and they flee with some threatening words and promises to take the shard. The party continues to running through the night.

Day 9. The next morning they finally come back to where the ship had docked. They find their friend Captain Faranon and the mercenary recruit Leonard fighting for their lives against a never ending assault of zombies. Nanny is on the boat pitching lightning blasts and fireballs into the oncoming hordes. The party breaks through, and pushes the boat into the river, escaping the grim fate of the Sinking Wastes. They head towards Waterdune.

Day 10. The ride is uneventful. The party decides to hide the fact that they did in fact retrieve the shard. They are told to rest and that they will be summoned by the council to speak.

Day 15. The party is summoned and asked for an official statement. They are released, but Militia Captain Enric wishes to speak to them that evening. While leaving the militia strong house they meet a crazy old women who claims her house is under attack. they agree to investigate and find a giant hole in her living room floor. They enter and find a small series of rooms and passages which use to be used as a burial tomb over one hundred years ago for members of the women’s family. Now the tomb is being used by some evil cultists to funnel power from the spirit of the dead. The party stops the evil spell, kills the evil Wizards, and saves the women’s home. They leave to clean up before meeting Enric…




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