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Scattered Shards of the Veil

In the port city of Waterdune an odd band of mercenaries is spotted by the local authorities. When brought before the council of the city which prides itself on it’s view of justice and peace, the decision is made to investigate the mercenaries activities. Through its information network and one particularly knowledgable scribe at its renowned library, the council discovers that the band is searching for some artifact of power beleived to be growing in strength somewhere in the Mountains of Falling Shadows.

Not wanting to make a public show of it’s involvement, nor wanting any advertisement that this artifact exists, the city tells the captain of it’s local militia to quietly find the artifact and retrieve it. The captain, Enric Grisland, develops a plan of action when a rowdy group of characters is arrested when there is a death at a bar fight they were all involved in. Through what he justifies as “just persuasion”(read; blackmail) he convinces the group to undertake this seemingly simple if politically delicate mission to track down the mercenaries, find what they are after, and bring it back to the authorities in Waterdune.

And so began their adventure…

Scattered Shards of the Veil

Dirty Glass